When you need to relieve yourself, you deserve a throne fit for a king—and, naturally, the associated royal flush. But unfortunately, a clean commode isn’t always easy to come by, and sometimes you find yourself squatting, asking your stall neighbor to “spare a square,” and wondering why you hadn’t followed your parents’ age-old advice and gone to the bathroom before you left the house.

However, when it comes to toilet troubles, some restrooms are definitely worse than others, so before you lament your lack of an acceptable lavatory, you should take a look at this list…and count your bathroom blessings.

Disgusting Bathroom #1: The Graffiti Seat

Location: Anchored Inn Bushwick | New York, NY

NY Daily News made a list of the Top 10 Worst New York City Bar Bathrooms and this one—at Anchored Inn in Bushwick—came in at number six. We just hope the sharpie doesn’t rub off on your backside…you know, if you dare to sit down.

Disgusting Bathroom #2: The Hoarder’s

Location: Mary’s house on North East, MD

This one isn’t a public restroom, but it will certainly motivate you to cut someone a little slack for simply leaving the toilet seat up. Featured on Hoarders, this cesspool of a bathroom belonged to a woman who possessed 15 cats…and no running water. You can watch the video clip here if you wish, but honestly we don’t really recommend it.

Disgusting Bathroom #3: The Close Quarters

Location: Soprano Cafe on Lincoln Road | Miami, FL

Business Insider’s Sam Ro blogged about this bathroom, which he encountered on a trip to Miami and found behind the Soprano Café, an Italian restaurant on South Beach’s Lincoln Road.

Gotta respect the multitasking possibilities, eh?

soprano cafe miami toilet

Disgusting Bathroom #4: The Taco Bell Travesty

Location: Taco Bell | San Francisco, CA

Blogger Ryan Hupfer was so appalled by this restroom that he discovered outside of a Taco Bell in San Francisco (this already doesn’t bode well, does it?), that he felt compelled to write about it…and treat those who visited his page to a full-fledged video tour. Watch at your own risk…

taco bell san francisco bathroom

Disgusting Bathroom #5: The Commode Under Construction

Location: Unknown

While we’re not 100% sure this bathroom—featured as “The Worst Toilet Ever” on The Worst Stuff Ever—is technically in America, we couldn’t help but include it in the list and assume that this is one of those “only in America” kinda things.

On another note, that’s the most creative use of a traffic cone we’ve ever seen.

worst toilet ever