We already touched on the five most disgusting bathrooms in America, and after traumatizing you via terrible toilets, it’s only right to provide you with a little relief regarding the process of, well, relieving yourself, in the bathrooms.

Because next time you’re on vacation and you need to pay a visit to the porcelain gods, you want to do it in five-star style.

And sadly you can’t classify your hotels.com search results by septic system.

1. Transparent Toilet in Ishihara City, Japan: An (Out)House of Glass

ishihara city toilet

Though it doesn’t offer much in terms of privacy, there’s no denying the fancy factor of this Japanese toilet that’s set in a glass box overlooking a garden and has earned a slot on this list of the world’s best hotel bathroom views. It’s also valued at $120,000, making it the most expensive lavatory experience you’re likely to have in your life.

2. Waldorf Astoria Shanghai: A Seat with Heat

waldorf astoria shanghai

Forbes has dubbed the Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund one of their over-the-top hotel bathrooms to book now and for good reason. The star of the powder room is the designer TOTO toilet that not only has a lid that automatically raises the moment you open the door, but also features a heated seat and doubles as a bidet with multiple pressure and position options—all controlled via a wall-mounted control panel. If you want to get technical.

3. Plaza Hotel, New York City: A Room with a Window

plaza hotel bathroom

Worried about experiencing some claustrophobia while you conduct your business? According to the pros at Oyster.com, the Plaza in Manhattan provides privacy in the sense of a partitioned-off toilet, but there’s also a window so guests can enjoy a sense of space, some natural light and the sights and sounds of a bustling Midtown East. (Not to mention, there are also 24-karat-gold-plated sinks, making this nearly a Versailles-esque experience.)

4. Hotel Majapahit Surabaya, Indonesia: A Scented Experience

Hotel Majapahit Surabaya

You don’t have to worry about unfortunate bathroom odors at the Presidential suite of the Hotel Majapahit Surabaya in Indonesia. According to Concierge.com, the toilet can be pre-scented for your arrival with aromas such as jasmine, vanilla or lavender, guaranteeing a trip to this commode will be one of the most positively scent-sual bathroom experiences available.

5. The Standard Hotel, New York City: A Loo with a View

standard hotel nyc bathroom

Want to gaze down at the city that never sleeps while you use the utilities? You can do that at The Standard, a Big Apple hotel (dubbed one of the eight most luxurious hotel bathrooms in New York City by Newyork.com) where lavatory patrons can enjoy a magnificent view of the Hudson River and Manhattan skyline whilst relieving themselves. All in all, it’s probably safe to say that when it comes to a “loo with a view,” The Standard certainly meets our standards.

6. Thompson Hotel, Chicago, IL: Solo Retreat

thompson chicago bathroom

The bathrooms at the Thompson Chicago are only big enough for one (which is perfect for those who value their privacy) and is a definite winner in the decoration department.

If you’re not interested in checking in and just need to use some fancy hotel facilities (in this case,  in Chicago), look no further than Thrillist’s list of the best public bathrooms in downtown Chicago hotels. The La Quinta Inn & Suites has a handicap stall you could practically run laps in,

And yes, that’s actually two toilets, but let’s not get technical, okay?

7. Treehotel, Sweden: A Toilet in the Trees

treehotel sweden

If you’re looking for a magical escape with a pretty impressive bathroom to boot, look no further than the Treehotel in Sweden. According to Slate.com, the getaway features a half-dozen freestanding “treerooms” that serve as hotel rooms—all of which are equipped with extremely efficient waste-removal systems. In lieu of actual toilets, they’re apparently equipped with odorless, electric-powered combustion toilets that incinerate waste at 1112 F. If only your childhood treehouse had been equipped with one of those, eh?