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The Best Fitness and Wellness Apps for Travelers

We know how hard it can be to stick to your diet and exercise routine while traveling. That’s why we rounded up our favorite health and wellness apps for travelers. The apps below will help you stay active, balanced and well rested when you’re on the road.

Sweat It Out

Strava Running & Cycling is all about “social fitness”. In addition to tracking your running speed, distance and route, the free app also lets you compare your data against friends and even professional athletes. Need some motivation to exercise while traveling? Join a challenge and compete in a 10k against runners from around the world. The app is also great for finding local routes in a new city and logging wear and tear on your running shoes and cycling gear. If you prefer to keep your routes and speed private you can simply turn on Strava’s privacy filter.

Build Muscle

Nike+ Training Club is a pocket-sized personal trainer. Take your pick from more than 100 routines designed by Nike Master Trainers. Do a 30-minute cardio routine or a 15-minute ab workout in your hotel room. The free app includes videos of each move and lets you connect your iTunes music library so you can work out to your favorite songs.

Yoga Warrior

Pocket Yoga lets you take your yoga practice on the road. Choose from 27 routines designed for beginners and experienced yogis alike. Audio guides walk you through each move, helping you reach the full expression of the pose and even telling you when to inhale and exhale. The app includes instructions on the proper alignment and posture for all your favorite poses, as well as the health benefits of each move. Pocket Yoga isn’t a free app, but it’s worth the $2.99 investment.

Eat Right

With a database of more than 5,000,000 foods, is the ultimate calorie counter. Keep track of what you eat in your food diary and use the barcode scanner to get the nutrition information of your favorite foods on the go. The free app also tracks the calories you burn in a day. It includes a built-in step tracker and lets you log your daily exercise routine. Tracking your calorie consumption takes just a few minutes each day. Set goals and track your progress at home and while traveling.

Get Your ZZZs

Sleepbot is a free app that lets you monitor how much rest you get each night. Using your phone’s built in microphone and accelerometer, Sleepbot tracks how long you sleep, how much you move during the night, and any sounds you make while sleeping. Just tap the sleep button before settling in for the evening and Sleepbot does the rest of the work. The app even includes a smart alarm system that works with the sleep tracker to wake you at just the right moment.

Your Turn

What are your favorite apps for staying healthy on the road?