Cruise Health Photo by Christian Lambert/flickr

How to Stay Healthy on your Next Cruise

Cruising is by far the most relaxing way to travel. Everything you need – food, drink, entertainment – is under one roof. No need to lift a finger as there’s a full staff of stewards, waiters and chefs ready to serve you. And while the captain is busy steering the ship to multiple ports of call, all you have to do is work on your tan. Cruising may be good for the mind, but it’s hard on the body. Meals are often served buffet-style, making it easy to overindulge. Bar drinks are strong and plentiful. And the tight quarters don’t exactly lend themselves to exercise. Sure, you want to relax and let loose on vacation, but you also want to take care of yourself. Here are some tips for staying healthy and balanced your next cruise.

Don’t Forget Your Shots

The Centers for Disease Control recommends all passengers ensure their vaccinations are up to date before hitting the high seas. See a full list of recommended vaccinations by country. Even if your destination doesn’t require any shots, it’s good to make sure you’re protected against measles, chickenpox and the flu. The close quarters of a cruise ship are a dream come true for viruses. Which brings us to…

Wash Your Hands!

The pesky norovirus bug can cause cruise-wide outbreaks of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The flu can also wreak havoc on a ship. To avoid getting sick, wash your hands frequently, especially before eating and after using the restroom. Bring hand sanitizer for times when washing with soap and water isn’t an option.

Stay Active

We understand vacations are a time to unwind. But going too long without exercise can lead to constipation, fatigue and even depression. You don’t have to run a marathon on your next cruise. Most ships offer onboard aerobics and yoga classes. Many also have outdoor tracks where you can walk laps and take in the view. For more ideas for staying fit at sea, check out our favorite fitness and wellness apps for travelers .

Stay Regular

Too many rich foods, not enough water and lack of exercise can lead to stomach discomfort, gas and constipation. Beat the bloat with Good To Go’s gentle nutritional supplements. Purposefully blended with low doses of natural laxatives, Good To Go keeps you regular without running the risk of loose stools or diarrhea.

Find Balance

Overindulgence happens. Especially during vacation. It’s okay if you go a little overboard at the dinner buffet, or have a few too many pina coladas while sunbathing at the pool. But try to balance the decadence with more wholesome choices. Eat healthful lunches and snacks, then treat yourself to a juicy steak at dinner. Drink a glass of water after each strawberry daiquiri. Make time amid the activities, shows, and ports of call to sit quietly for a few minutes and touch base with your feelings.

Vacations are all about taking a break from the rigors of work and everyday life. Make a few healthy choices during your trip, and you may find yourself even more relaxed and rejuvenated when you return to the real world!