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Staying Healthy on Vacation

Last week, the talented and adventurous Kellee Edwards of featured Good To Go in her round up of wellness travel products on Fox 5 San Diego morning show.

“Good To Go is vacation without constipation,” Kellee told her morning viewers.

We were in good company with Citizen Bike, MyAir Mask, and the Vera Via Wellness Resort.  Watch the full segment below!

Good To Go on Fox 5 San Diego

So Who’s Kellee Edwards?

The Good To Go team has been a big fan of Kellee’s since we first discovered her blog. A pilot, scuba diver, and “adrenaline junkie”, Kellee loves adventure, and to travel!

Some of her escapades include hiking Machu Picchu (one of our 2015 bucket list items!) and flying high in Curacao. Maybe we should add some of her other incredible travel destinations to our bucket list? Check them out here>


Woman going on a jungle zip line adventure

5 Wellness Tips for Adventure Travelers

We were inspired by Kellee’s feature and wanted to help her fellow “adrenaline junkies” maximize their experiences. Since 48% of travelers suffer from traveler’s constipation, and the symptoms can certainly ruin any trip, we’d like to share some tips to help you stay regular on your next adventure.

1.  Stay hydrated

Dehydration is one of the leading causes of traveler’s constipation. When you get dehydrated the body absorbs water anywhere it can including from the intestines. This will dry out your stool and make it harder to go. So drink plenty of water while you’re on your adventure. Fluids rich in electrolytes, like Gatorade are especially helpful.

2.  Eat high-fiber foods

Hiking Machu Picchu or hang gliding over Rio de Janeiro is no excuse not to eat well. We know it can be hard to find healthy foods in a new destination. Fruits, salads and vegetables are great sources of fiber although be sure that these are thoroughly washed with purified water. Bean dishes are also an excellent source of fiber. We\ recommend travelers bring products like Cliff Bars, which pack a lot of nutrients and fiber, without taking up too much room in your backpack.

3.  Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Beer, wine, coffee and other drinks containing caffeine and alcohol will only dehydrate you. Stick with water and Gatorade.

4.  Don’t resist the urge to go

It can be psychologically uncomfortable using a new bathroom. Especially if that bathroom is an outhouse in the middle of the Amazon jungle. No matter how foreign the facilities, don’t resist the urge to go. Holding it in will only make things worse. Which brings us to…

5.  Plan ahead

Be prepared for less than comfortable bathroom experiences. Bring toilet paper, hand sanitizer, portable toilet seat covers, and, of course, Good To Go. These will help you stay regular and comfortable, so you can get on with your adventure!

From all of us at Good To Go, happy travels!