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Staying Healthy on Vacation

Last week, the talented and adventurous Kellee Edwards of featured Good To Go in her round up of wellness travel products on Fox 5 San Diego morning show.

“Good To Go is vacation without constipation,” Kellee told her morning viewers.

We were in good company with Citizen Bike, MyAir Mask, and the Vera Via Wellness Resort.  Watch the full segment below!

Good To Go on Fox 5 San Diego

So Who’s Kellee Edwards?

The Good To Go team has been a big fan of Kellee’s since we first discovered her blog. A pilot, scuba diver, and “adrenaline junkie”, Kellee loves adventure, and to travel!

Some of her escapades include hiking Machu Picchu (one of our 2015 bucket list items!) and flying high in Curacao. Maybe we should add some of her other incredible travel destinations to our bucket list? Check them out here>


Woman going on a jungle zip line adventure

5 Wellness Tips for Adventure Travelers

We were inspired by Kellee’s feature and wanted to help her fellow “adrenaline junkies” maximize their experiences. Since 48% of travelers suffer from traveler’s constipation, and the symptoms can certainly ruin any trip, we’d like to share some tips to help you stay regular on your next adventure.

1.  Stay hydrated

Dehydration is one of the leading causes of traveler’s constipation. When you get dehydrated the body absorbs water anywhere it can including from the intestines. This will dry out your stool and make it harder to go. So drink plenty of water while you’re on your adventure. Fluids rich in electrolytes, like Gatorade are especially helpful.

2.  Eat high-fiber foods

Hiking Machu Picchu or hang gliding over Rio de Janeiro is no excuse not to eat well. We know it can be hard to find healthy foods in a new destination. Fruits, salads and vegetables are great sources of fiber although be sure that these are thoroughly washed with purified water. Bean dishes are also an excellent source of fiber. We\ recommend travelers bring products like Cliff Bars, which pack a lot of nutrients and fiber, without taking up too much room in your backpack.

3.  Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Beer, wine, coffee and other drinks containing caffeine and alcohol will only dehydrate you. Stick with water and Gatorade.

4.  Don’t resist the urge to go

It can be psychologically uncomfortable using a new bathroom. Especially if that bathroom is an outhouse in the middle of the Amazon jungle. No matter how foreign the facilities, don’t resist the urge to go. Holding it in will only make things worse. Which brings us to…

5.  Plan ahead

Be prepared for less than comfortable bathroom experiences. Bring toilet paper, hand sanitizer, portable toilet seat covers, and, of course, Good To Go. These will help you stay regular and comfortable, so you can get on with your adventure!

From all of us at Good To Go, happy travels!


6 Tips for Traveling with a Baby

traveling with a baby

If there’s one thing more complicated than traveling, it’s traveling with a dog, and if there’s one thing more complicated than traveling with a dog, well, it’s traveling with a baby.

But despite the horror stories and hassles associated with hopping on a plane or hitting the open road with an infant, there are some ways to make life a little easier—for you and the little one—and we’ve compiled 6 tips for traveling with a baby here.

Because while we know your kid is cute, that alone won’t make for a pleasant plane ride.

Baby Travel Tip #1: Don’t Bring the Big Stuff—Rent It Instead

What’s more difficult than lugging your carry-on bag, your suitcase and your baby through the airport? Schlepping a car seat and crib, as well. For the most streamlined, stress-free traveling experience when traveling with your little one, leave the big equipment at home. Instead try rental companies like or, both of which are recommended by and in many cases will deliver exactly what you need—be it a high chair, swing or the aforementioned items—straight to your destination.

Baby Travel Tip #2: Time Your Trip

baby travel flight tip

Whether you’re flying or driving, if at all possible, pick a departure time at night or during your baby’s typical naptime. Coordinating with your baby’s sleep schedule is the best way to ensure that—for at least part of the trip—they’ll be asleep, quiet and relaxed (which, by proxy, is more relaxing for everyone else around).

Baby Travel Tip #3: Be Prepared with a Well-Stocked Diaper Bag

baby diaper bag stocked

We love this Tory Burch Soft Nylon Messenger Baby Bag.

While you definitely don’t want to haul the big stuff on your trip, you still want to follow the Boy Scout motto when traveling with your baby and be prepared. Bring along a well-stocked diaper bag with everything (scratch that—multiples of everything) you might need. Think diapers, wipes, bottles, nipples, pacifiers, extra formula, quiet toys, books, snacks, stuffed animals…anything you could possibly require to survive long hours in the air or on the road with as few meltdowns as possible. Need ideas for a diaper bag? We love this Tory Burch Soft Nylon Messenger Bag.

Baby Travel Tip #4: Dress Your Baby Appropriately

When it comes to dressing your baby, the best strategy is to start with something basic and bring along plenty of layers.

If you’re flying, dress your baby for departure in something simple that’s quick and easy to remove if necessary. After all, if you’re in a hurry and realize that you need to do a last-minute diaper change before jumping on your plane, you don’t want to have to deal with undoing, say, a pair of overalls, no matter how adorable they are. (In this case, you can forsake fashion to guarantee you don’t miss your flight.)

And though we’re stressing simplicity, you also want to make sure you’re equipped for extreme temperatures. Airplane air conditioners are often unpredictable, and you don’t want your little one shivering in their onesie because the flight attendant has set the thermostat on “frigid.” Be sure to bring plenty of layers and blankets to ensure you can keep them warm and cozy on the entire flight.

Baby Travel Tip #5: Allot Extra Time

It might sound like common sense, but we can’t stress enough the importance of providing yourself with plenty of extra time when traveling with an infant. If you’re driving, there are all kinds of potential stops you might have to make—or, depending on how the trip is going, want to make, purely for a change of scenery or some fresh air. Meanwhile, if you’re flying, the check-in process is likely to take twice as long when you’re also toting a child through the terminal, so it’s crucial that you arrive early to allow for any problems or complications.

Baby Travel Tip #6: If All Else Fails, Bribe

About a year and a half ago, a story circulated about a couple who, when traveling on a plane with their twin boys, passed out “apology bags” containing candy and a note from the perspective of the boys, apologizing in advance for any fussing or crying and revealing that their parents had earplugs available for any passengers who were interested.

baby apology bag

While this is an extreme example of courtesy (and obviously not required), there is a good lesson there. If you worry you’ll be experiencing some self-consciousness or guilt when your baby cries or screams on a flight, it’s not a bad idea to acknowledge the problem before it arises and do something small and thoughtful to sweeten up the people sitting in your surrounding area.

We won’t even tell the twins you stole their idea.

7 Best Hotel Bathrooms

We already touched on the five most disgusting bathrooms in America, and after traumatizing you via terrible toilets, it’s only right to provide you with a little relief regarding the process of, well, relieving yourself, in the bathrooms.

Because next time you’re on vacation and you need to pay a visit to the porcelain gods, you want to do it in five-star style.

And sadly you can’t classify your search results by septic system.

1. Transparent Toilet in Ishihara City, Japan: An (Out)House of Glass

ishihara city toilet

Though it doesn’t offer much in terms of privacy, there’s no denying the fancy factor of this Japanese toilet that’s set in a glass box overlooking a garden and has earned a slot on this list of the world’s best hotel bathroom views. It’s also valued at $120,000, making it the most expensive lavatory experience you’re likely to have in your life.

2. Waldorf Astoria Shanghai: A Seat with Heat

waldorf astoria shanghai

Forbes has dubbed the Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund one of their over-the-top hotel bathrooms to book now and for good reason. The star of the powder room is the designer TOTO toilet that not only has a lid that automatically raises the moment you open the door, but also features a heated seat and doubles as a bidet with multiple pressure and position options—all controlled via a wall-mounted control panel. If you want to get technical.

3. Plaza Hotel, New York City: A Room with a Window

plaza hotel bathroom

Worried about experiencing some claustrophobia while you conduct your business? According to the pros at, the Plaza in Manhattan provides privacy in the sense of a partitioned-off toilet, but there’s also a window so guests can enjoy a sense of space, some natural light and the sights and sounds of a bustling Midtown East. (Not to mention, there are also 24-karat-gold-plated sinks, making this nearly a Versailles-esque experience.)

4. Hotel Majapahit Surabaya, Indonesia: A Scented Experience

Hotel Majapahit Surabaya

You don’t have to worry about unfortunate bathroom odors at the Presidential suite of the Hotel Majapahit Surabaya in Indonesia. According to, the toilet can be pre-scented for your arrival with aromas such as jasmine, vanilla or lavender, guaranteeing a trip to this commode will be one of the most positively scent-sual bathroom experiences available.

5. The Standard Hotel, New York City: A Loo with a View

standard hotel nyc bathroom

Want to gaze down at the city that never sleeps while you use the utilities? You can do that at The Standard, a Big Apple hotel (dubbed one of the eight most luxurious hotel bathrooms in New York City by where lavatory patrons can enjoy a magnificent view of the Hudson River and Manhattan skyline whilst relieving themselves. All in all, it’s probably safe to say that when it comes to a “loo with a view,” The Standard certainly meets our standards.

6. Thompson Hotel, Chicago, IL: Solo Retreat

thompson chicago bathroom

The bathrooms at the Thompson Chicago are only big enough for one (which is perfect for those who value their privacy) and is a definite winner in the decoration department.

If you’re not interested in checking in and just need to use some fancy hotel facilities (in this case,  in Chicago), look no further than Thrillist’s list of the best public bathrooms in downtown Chicago hotels. The La Quinta Inn & Suites has a handicap stall you could practically run laps in,

And yes, that’s actually two toilets, but let’s not get technical, okay?

7. Treehotel, Sweden: A Toilet in the Trees

treehotel sweden

If you’re looking for a magical escape with a pretty impressive bathroom to boot, look no further than the Treehotel in Sweden. According to, the getaway features a half-dozen freestanding “treerooms” that serve as hotel rooms—all of which are equipped with extremely efficient waste-removal systems. In lieu of actual toilets, they’re apparently equipped with odorless, electric-powered combustion toilets that incinerate waste at 1112 F. If only your childhood treehouse had been equipped with one of those, eh?

5 Essential International Travel Tips

travel quote john steinbeck

There are few things more exciting than international travel, and these days it’s easier than ever to enjoy a trip to anywhere from Paris to Peru. However, there are certain strategies and steps you can take to ensure that your trip goes smoothly, and here we’ve compiled 5 essential international travel tips to help you avoid hiccups on your next adventure.

Because when you set off to see the world, it helps to be prepared.

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International travel tip #1: Make copies of your passport and other important documents.

This isn’t paranoia talking; it’s common sense. Whether you accidentally drop your passport, leave it in a hotel room, or serve as the target of a sneaky pickpocket, the potential for—and associated hassle of—losing this crucial document makes it well worth taking the precaution and bringing along printed copies. It’s also a wise idea to leave a copy back at home with someone you know and trust as an extra just-in-case insurance policy, and even going so far as to email a digital copy to yourself.

You know, if you want to be able to get back into the country.

International travel tip #2: Notify your bank and credit card companies.

Before you leave, it’s crucial to let your bank and credit card companies know that you’ll be traveling abroad. After all, you not only want to make sure that your card will actually work in the foreign country where you’re heading, but you also don’t want them to get suspicious and end up freezing your card entirely when they see a charge for a bakery in France or a massage parlor in Thailand.

Because the last way you want to spend your exciting international vacation is on the phone arguing with your banker back in New Jersey.

International travel tip #3: Don’t forget an adapter.

There are few surprises more irritating than arriving in a foreign country only to realize your electronics don’t work in their outlets. If you plan on taking a phone, tablet, laptop or even blow dryer on your trip, be sure you’ve come prepared with an electronic adapter that will allow you to actually use them.

(Because can you imagine not being able to check in on Facebook and post all those selfies when you’re in the Sahara? The horror!)

International travel tip #4: Pack smart & light.

It’s enough work to get yourself to the other side of the world; don’t take your whole wardrobe with you. The more bags you bring, the more difficult every leg of your journey will be, so while you should abide by the Boy Scout motto and be prepared, don’t overpack either. Another good rule to abide by when packing is to bring as few valuables (think jewelry, etc.) as possible and to store them in a concealed pocket in your carry-on bag for ultimate security.

Also, when it comes to packing the perfect carry-on, be sure to bring a change of underwear, some essential toiletries and—if you’re heading to a destination on the water or equipped with a pool—even your bathing suit.

After all, if the airline loses your luggage, you don’t want to be stuck on the beach getting sand in your sweatpants.

International travel tip #5: Plan ahead for your health.

If you’re heading to a particularly excluded, far-away or exotic locale (versus, say, Canada), be sure you do your research beforehand and make sure you’ve taken care of any vaccinations that are necessary to enter the country. Similarly, be sure you’ve visited your doctor and made a trip to the pharmacist and have any prescriptions that you’ll need for the duration of your trip. And while you’re at your local Walgreens, it’s also advisable to pick up some basic drug-store essentials that you might need and that could be harder to find  (or more expensive) in other countries, like painkillers, Pepto-Bismol, Dramamine, etc.

Oh, and be sure to stock up on Good To Go™, because if there’s one way to ruin an international vacation, trust us, it’s constipation.

Keep Calm & Carry On: The Best Carry On Packing List

carry on packing list

They say it’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey. Unfortunately, for many people—due to security crackdowns, lower quality amenities, and extra fees—air travel has simply lost its appeal.

However—besides certain inevitable hassles—it doesn’t have to be a horrible experience every time you hop on a plane. Make the travel process less painful and more pleasurable with carry-on essentials that are the next best thing to flying first class. In no particular order, here are 8 essentials to add to your carry on packing list.

You’ll be on cloud nine in no time.

1. Stress Relief in a Spray

1 hour break

1Hour Break, an all-natural oral spray designed for coping with everyday stress and anxiety

An all-natural oral spray designed for coping with everyday stress and anxiety, 1Hour Break is made with organic Kava, an anti-anxiety herb, and boasts both relaxing and mood-enhancing benefits. A few sprays under the tongue, and you’ll find it easy to stay calm and collected while coping with typical travel inconveniences like long lines, delayed flights and kids who won’t stop kicking the back of your seat. (Plus each travel-size bottle of the liquid is simultaneously small enough to be carry-on friendly and potent enough to contain 15 servings…which you just might need with all those layovers.)

2. Instant Silence: Noise Cancelling Headphones

noise cancelling headphones

Block out crying babies with the PSB Speakers M4U 2 Active Noise Canceling Headphones

Life is tough in seat 16A: newborns are wailing, 16B and 16C are arguing over Obamacare, and no, you don’t really want to watch the HGTV special that’s serving as in-flight “entertainment.” Sometimes, silence really is golden—and fortunately it’s available for purchase via high-quality, noise canceling headphones.

CNET recently reviewed the best options, which range from PSB Speakers M4U 2 Active Noise Canceling Headphones, which ring up at about $400, to less pricey options like the Audio-Technica QuietPoint ATH-ANC1 headphones, which retail for a significantly cheaper $79.95—ergo giving your more money…to spend on pre-flight mimosas at the airport bar, of course.

3. Sleep Accessories

With a busy schedule (and phone constantly buzzing with texts, emails and Candy Crush notifications), it’s not often that you get the chance to catch some Z’s uninterrupted, so capitalize on the mandatory free time you have every flight, and take the opportunity to get some serious shuteye.

nap travel kit

Get your beauty sleep with this Nap Travel Flight Kit from Brookstone

You shouldn’t, however, have to settle for itchy, airline-provided pillows (of questionable cleanliness). This Nap Travel Flight Kit from Brookstone is equipped with just what you need for a five-star, in-flight sleeping experience. The plush neck pillow is not only comfortable but inflatable, making it perfectly portable, while the eye mask is excellent for blocking out your neighbors’ reading lights and any sunlight streaming through the plane windows. And to keep cozy on a cold plane, the experts at Top Travel Tips recommend Magellan’s Luxe Travel Blanket, which is not only bigger than the typical airline blanket, but made of sueded mircrofiber, so it’s softer too. And—in a genius move—it’s also equipped with twin foot pockets, ensuring your toes will stay toasty all flight.

4. Mini Medicine

There’s obviously not room for an entire first aid kit in your carry-on, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for the onset of a migraine, upset stomach or anything else—especially on a long international flight.  Fortunately,—the self-proclaimed world-leader in all things travel-sized—sells single-dose packets of all kinds of over-the-counter medicine, from Tylenol to Pepto Bismol, Alka Seltzer, Imodium and more. The packets are inexpensive and take up minimal space, and while hopefully you won’t have to use them, if you are feeling sick and need to pop a pill or two, it’ll be well worth it to have a miniature medicine cabinet stashed in your bag.

5. Battery Life on the Go

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination, finding out your phone is dead, and squatting uncomfortably next to an outlet while you wait for it to charge. (Or, worse, arriving internationally and realizing you don’t have an adaptor in your carry on. Oops!) Hence, the importance of the portable phone charger. has compiled a list of the best ones out there—16 to be exact—that ensure you won’t miss any Instagram-able airport moments due to lack of juice.

6. Ear-Popping Sweet Treats

torie and howard

Avoid painful ear popping with Torie & Howard’s tasty hard candies

An age-old trick, there’s no better way to deal with the discomfort that comes along with changes in air pressure—and plane-food breath—than by chomping on some gum or sucking on some hard candy.  Torie and Howard make organic candies in compact tins that aren’t just perfect for popping your ears, but delicious as well. (And they ring in at only 12 calories each…so you won’t have to worry about asking for a seatbelt extension on your next flight.)

7. Tiny Toiletries

Long flight? Don’t fret. You can cross multiple time zones and still put your best face forward with miniature beauty products. Sephora has a section on their site dedicated to travel-size toiletries—most of which are still small enough to meet the liquid limit and pass through security. (Because they understand the pain of being forced to toss out $30 foundation.) And to store it all? This TSA-approved travel bag is fun, functional and available online for a cool $4.95. And for beauty emergencies, consider the Minimergency Kit For Her, which is packed with essentials ranging from hair ties and stain remover pads to lip balm and hairspray—all of which ensure you’ll arrive at your destination looking fresh and fabulous…even if you don’t feel like it.

8. Good to Go Four Day Travel Pack

No packing list would be complete without our Good to Go Four Day Travel Pack. There’s nothing worse than being hundreds or thousands miles away from home and having to face the discomfort that comes with constipation… or the miserable aftermath of ordinary laxatives. So enter Be Good to Go, the first effective, natural solution specifically designed to help prevent traveler’s constipation before the discomfort begins, and the bloating, gas and general discomfort that go along with it. Don’t leave home without it.