What makes constipation your unwelcome travel companion?

Although most people don’t talk about it, 48% of them get constipated when they travel. Nobody knows exactly why. And most likely, different travelers get constipated for different reasons. For example, a change in diet. Or schedule. Dehydration. Or even due to a psychological preference for one’s own personal bathroom. (The “home bowl” issue.)

One or more of these factors undoubtedly play a role. Constipation leads to gas and bloating, as well as abdominal discomfort– all unwelcome companions on a relaxing vacation or important business trip.

When you leave home, don’t invite constipation along.

Some tips on how to avoid being part of the 48% who suffer from traveler’s constipation:

  • Try to increase your fluid intake several days prior to leaving. Aim for two or three extra glasses a day.
  • Drink even more fluids on the day of your trip. Electrolyte-based drinks (ex: Gatorade, Powerade) are especially helpful.
  • Increase your fiber intake several days prior to departure. Fruits, salads and vegetables. As well as bran cereals and brown breads.
  • When away, don’t resist the urge to move your bowels. Although it isn’t easy to use a strange bathroom, the longer you wait, the more water is absorbed from the stool by the colon. Waiting results in drier and harder stools compounding the problem.  When you need to go, go!
  • And now you can rely on a gentle, effective, doctor-created formula so you can vacation without constipation. Good To Go, naturally.
  • Read a review of some of these suggestions here.

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